Thursday, February 5, 2009

some fragments, some haiku.

fortunate to park. is social study is malleable, set in stone.
rock cement rock cement bending building blocks.

pensive oh baby is sure us the shore.

hamid knows a man would have had a demon anyways,
letting shimmer, she was at his side..
but the king has to know things first.

old values shorn sick,
shirt down so low, breasts exposed.
narcissist in bloom.

red lamp light on glass
tea staining my tongue so black
I bled from your reflection

thick fortress of wood
piled high with dead dust in chains
you cling to your breath

I want all your problems
in stark contrast with the night
I'd carry them all

the dub music at
starbucks makes me puke on all
the sound I have heard.

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