Monday, May 31, 2010

louise bourgeois

\\\ knowledge/a reverse
documented tides shall
that of being dug under
that of falling in
that of living light
inside a ///social study/\
everyone had
melted down into floor lead/
barren and further deconstruction
walls /bled their paper
/bled soundscape
/bled melting people/
electrons fall into craters of dust mites/dormant memories
/ a pause pauses forth
a lake/late to fill
/she said> sharp edges of symmetry [UNDECIPHERABLE]
social study/to park
in polyps/ (c)rust
in light lining/reverse
and retrieve/
she shone the lights of swine flu/
she has shone the lights of gravitron pull/
of gravitation/ and the likeliness of gravity itself/
in marrow// in stark blasphemy/
it coaxes dirty/ sullen blood///
a better brace alone
a force of merit and distrust
is lanking with rubber limbs///
a trapping upon light lines
light rust bespeaks me//rust befalls me/
in rusting we connect
upon leather and air/
in rusting we can set flares
for miles/along this end/
in layers
time lasts itself through/
particle boundaries balancing
/time and a precision edge
to knowing favour and fever
shallow/ rusts light refractions
of memory
to eat among the living parts