Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the optic nerve

misread clairvoyant epitaph
the flood gates on her wrist let loose
daggers suck in
blowing out the feeling of
complete bemusement
at a loss
and buckling under

where the currents hush
and god and demon
and my human mind
crumples under its

that you
and you
and you
and I
are all the same
forced inherent danger

I have spit on myself
across provinces

building black iron structures
locking down
fleeting transfer zaps
of unsatisfying human contact
blazing in my own saliva

the test
the motives
and all in between
becoming less apparent
for every second I breathe

I am lusting for
a calm
where the listless aches in each arm
subside the overpowering energy
behind each warm body I touch
a poison
inside four walls again

the heat of the black sun
swallows my confidence
my nerves drained
and at the bottom of the dam
a crisp beating heart

sound heals
pushing pinholes of speeding light
in the one direction necessary

I picked your eyes open in your sleep

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