Wednesday, May 20, 2009

from amygdules


In the pick me up eternal
the strange blood flowed
through proteins of rocking solid
I found it in
grounding ducks into alley doors
in a hidden Victorian gas
unknowingly breathing it in

she was years of sand
and a talk of it's form
and a shape of the ages
she was years of sand

and in it all, shedding portraits
of dying cherry tree blossoms


In the pick me up eternal
I have seen your son
I've seen you in
red lamp light on glass
tea staining my tongue so black
I bled from your reflection
my eyeballs these days
cutting loose visual frustration
your attraction overwhelming
old values shorn sick
shirt down so low, breast exposed
in bloom


I've been years of sand
I've been of it's form
in the shape of my ages
I was years of sand

black tourmaline.


In the pick me up eternal
love is in the earth
clock stung
through smokey quartz
I've seen your heart ageless
an hourglass
a timepiece
waiting to eat and be eaten
troubled in your patience
for the clock struck sun

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