Saturday, January 31, 2009


monkey men, you lose your cool,
famished for degraded attention.
you got dead winded notions of self expression,
predictably patterned, like human sundials.
shedding dead skin day after day,
your imagination will surely parish.
so quick to judge excitement and enthusiasm
as a diners eaten full ego.
in no light is it okay to achieve personal freedom feelings
and second to second happiness;
from gratuitous sight and sound?

mulling over your dull words,
that after time rolled by salty water and rip tides
turn into stabbing china beach fits of anger.
wading deep in summertime waters in play clothes.

well you can't see.
monkey man who is quick to judge, when you lose your cool.
drip brow sweat, facing hair growing from your chin,
like god spited you.
well he spited your pores and cells did he?
not a single planet aligned in your mind tonight.
where did jupiter go while you were lined back to front,
picking ticks and lice from each others wind blown scalps?
feeling dead inside a heavy cage.
you know we're all so scared, that the world is ending.

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